Install Theme
Christina F. Moliterno

Oliver the guitar playing fox. A character from my animation “The Island Dwellers”

Nora the violin playing lion. A character out of my animation “The Island Dwellers”

Sydney the bass playing badger. A character from my animation “The Island Dwellers”

Pin designs for my next art show at Alabaster Coffee & Tea Company in Williamsport PA.

Work in progress CD design for Netorare Fan Club.

Island Sky // The Island Dwellers 2014

To Wake Her Up // The Island Dwellers 2014

The Island Dwellers // 2014

The Island Dwellers is an animation I completed for my Senior Project. It is a tale of an unique tribe of species and their history with the Sun. Each with a distinctive instrument they have earned by journeying into the secluded woods until one presents itself, they play happily and peacefully.  One day, a strange and magnificent light appears on their shore. Mesmerized by the Sun’s glory and warmth, they begin to play songs in hopes to keep Her coming back everyday to shine Her rays on their dark island. This animation is the first part of an intended longer animation, and focuses solely on the story of their lives before the Sun came, what changed in them during the Sun’s stay, and what happened to them after the Sun mysteriously vanishes under a band of thick grey clouds.

The Island Dwellers won Best Animation at the Lycoming College Film and Video Annual in 2014

The animation I’ve been working non-stop on for the past couple of months is finally in its end stages. Come to my Senior Exhibition on April 11th 2014. The exhibition is from 4-5:30pm at the Lycoming College Communication Building on the corner of 4th and Franklin.

Here, you will get to not only watch my animati
on, but see some of my processes in character and environment development, learn some facts about the Dwellers that didn’t make it into the final animation, and talk to me personally!

This is a one time only event so be sure to make it!